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  1. HYPNOTIC TRANCE (370 x 230 px)


    The Vital Role of Compassion and Kindness in Reiki: Nurturing the Heart of Healing

    As a Reiki Master Practitioner I embrace a heart centred approach to my work and day to day practices. Upon becoming a Reiki Master, things changed dramatically for me.  What was once about actually doing Reiki became more about embodying Reiki and truly embracing Reiki in my everyday life.

    I have become increasingly aware of and am in awe of the positive changes in my life. While my life had its own meaning before, it now holds a much deeper significance. Embracing kindness and compassion has brought beauty into my daily existence, creating a ripple effect that impacts those around me, much like throwing a pebble into a sea.

    Through working with Reiki, we often focus on the flow of energy, the subtle attunements and the profound impact this may have on our physical well-being. However, at the core of this therapeutic practice is a principle that transcends the mere mechanics of healing: the principle of compassion and kindness.

    As masters, practitioners, and recipients of Reiki, we are not just dealing with the energy that permeates through all living things; we are engaging with the very essence of the human experience. Love, after all, is the highest frequency of vibration, and it is within this vibration that Reiki finds its truest power.

    Compassion and kindness are not simply moral virtues to be applied in our interactions with others; they are fundamental frequencies that tune the heart to resonate with the universe’s symphony of healing. A Reiki practitioner who embodies these qualities does not merely channel energy; they become a vessel of the universe's unconditional love.