Your RTT™/hypnotherapy session

things to know before your session

Sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs, please ensure you let the therapist know if you have any special requirements before your session. 

Sessions are available either in-person at our South London Location or online via Zoom.  Please make the therapist aware of your preference when booking.

Please note that clients must be over the age of 18 years of age to participate in our serivces.

Our therapist is British and based within the South East London, United Kingdom. All sessions will be undertaken in English and it is key therefore, that you have a good understanding of the English language to ensure that you understand and take in what is being said to you during your session and within the audio recording supplied post session.

During the session you will listen to the soothing sound of your therapist voice, who will be gently guiding you throughout the session.  It is an extremely relaxing and beneficial experience.

For your comfort it is recommended that during your session you wear comfortable clothing and that you are seated or laying down with your head and neck supported.

All online sessions should be undertaken in a quiet private location where you are not likely to be disturbed during the session.

Pre-Session - INTAKE

Each session is tailored to your individual needs.  In order for your therapist to understand your needs, an initial intake and information gathering will take place, and this will include asking you about the following:-

  • Enquiring about the  presenting issue to be addressed.
  • Details of current & past medical history
  • Symptoms, habits & triggers
  • Personal & family background
  • What your life would be like without the presenting issue.


Depending on the presenting issue you may also be asked to complete an additional questionnaire or undertake a specific task prior to your session.


Intake sessions are always undertaken prior to the RTT™ session.  Prior to a full RTT™ Session an intake can take 45-minutes to 1-hour, this is to ensure that your therapist has sufficient information to understand the presenting issue and to assist with your transformation.  Please note that our therapist will operate within her scope of practice. Please do not take it personally if on occasion the therapist considers it necessary to refuse to offer therapy for specific presenting issues and/or areas of concern. Instead, our therapist may suggest you seek treatment from a specialist in that particular field.

in-person or online


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The therapy Session

At the start of the session your therapist will talk you through each step and explain what will happen during your session. 

Your therapist will put you at ease and lead you into a beautiful feeling of deep relaxation, using induction and deepening techniques to quiet the conscious mind in order to speak directly to your brilliant subconscious mind.

During hypnosis, your therapist uses a variety of hypnotherapy skills & techniques to help you to identify and understand the root cause of the presenting issue.  Once this is understood you become free of it and are empowered.  Using neuroscience and reprogramming to install new positive beliefs and healthier behaviours become embedded.

Many people experience change, but everyone is different, and each person may notice improvement at different times and in differet ways after a Rapid Transformational Therapy session.  Your therapist is there to help you, if you have any concerns pre or post session make your therapist aware.

Post-Session - Bespoke transformational Audio recording

After your session you will be provided with a powerful transformational audio recording which it is recommended you listen to for at least 21 consecutive days after your session your session to further embed the programming as your mind is receptive to repetition.

Hypnotic Audio Meditations

Your therapist will have a follow up session with you 21 - 28 days after your Full RTT™ Session.  To check on how you are feeling and to discuss your progress. 


Is hypnosis safe?

Yes, hypnosis is completely safe and the trance like state is a natural state that you may find yourself in whilst watching a film on television or a computer screen.

You are always aware and free to stop at any time, if you so wish.

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