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In-Person Reiki Sessions

standard PRICES

In-person Reiki sessions are undertaken within a clean and comfortable Osteopath clinic based in South Croydon.  Conveniently located with excellent transport links and high street parking.

A full 60-minute or a full 90-minute Reiki session is recommended as the longer sessions allow time for a more relaxing and thorough treatment.  Although shorter 45-minute Reiki sessions are also available. If this is your first Reiki session with us then your an additional 15-minutes will be added to the session to include an initial consultation and intake. £10 will usually be added to your session fee.  Please find our prices below:

Initial FULL session 75-minutes

 Includes intake & consultation 

LIMITED TIME Special price £58 (usually £68)

Hands on or Hands off Reiki

FULL session 60-minutes

Session excludes consultation

£58 per session

EXTRA LONG session 90-Minutes

Session excludes consultation

£80 per session

Reiki to ease stress

Shorter session 45-minutes

Excludes consultation.


Why not enhance your reiki experience and include calming crystals?

Reiki session including the use of crystals

Relax with a  longer 75-minute session combining Usui Reiki and the use of high vibrational calming crystals strategically placed on or around the body during your Reiki session.  Enhance the Reiki energy healing experience.

(Initial session must include 15-minute Intake/Consultation - add £10)

Reiki with Crystals

INITIAL FULL session plus Consultation (90-MINUTES) Session includes Intake


Balancing Crystals


Session excluding Intake/Consulation


Reiki charged crystals


Session excluding Intake/Consultation


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Reiki bundles

Do you enjoy Reiki sessions?  For best results we tend to recommend at least 4 Reiki sessions.

We have created 4 x Reiki session bundles where you can purchase and book your Reiki sessions in advance at an overall reduced price. Terms & Conditions apply.

Why not book and save?

Default image

Usui Reiki x4 sessions bundle

This bundle consists of 4 x Full 60-Minute relaxing Reiki sessions.  

The price is subject to all 4 sessions being booked in advance and paid for in full prior to the first session.

An additional £10 will be added for new clients in respect of a 15-minute intake/consultation. 

Bundle Price = £198

That is a saving of £34!

Default image

reiki with crystals x4 sessions bundle

This bundle consists of 4 x Extended full 90-minute Reiki sessions including the use of crystals to enhance the energy work.

The price is subject to all 4 sessions being booked and paid for in advance of the first session.

An additional £10 will be added for new clients in respect of a 15-minute intake/consultation.

Bundle Price = £290

That is a saving of £50!

NEW - Combined Reiki & Hypnotic Guided meditation session

50-minute session (excluding intake an additional 15-minutes and £10 charge to be added to the price for new clients in respect of the intake and initial consultation).


Reiki is good for anxiety

NHS, HOsPICE & CARE Home staff

Are you a member of staff for the NHS?  Do you work in a hospice or a care home?

If so as an NHS, Hospice or Care Home employee we would like to acknowledge and show  our appreciation for services to the local community we are currently offering a concessional price for your very first Reiki session at our therapy room in South Croydon, Uk.  Contact us for more information.

*This concession is subject to evidence of employment i.e. confirmed work email address and/or sight of staff pass. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

Discounts for NHS Staff

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Distance Reiki sessions are also available upon request.

During Dstance Reiki loving energy is intentionally sent by the practitioner, directed and received by the client through time and space.  For Distance Reiki an initial 15-minute Intake and Consultation will take place over the phone or on Zoom prior to the session.  Please contact us for more information about Distance Reiki and prices.

How to book your reiki session

To book a Reiki session please click the button and complete and submit our Booking Request Form.  Upon receipt our practitioner will be in touch to arrange a convenient date/time for your Reiki session at our South Croydon Location (Greater London UK).

Your practitioner will then confirm your appointment (usually by email)  and then send you a Client Consent Form to read and sign which includes our Reiki Terms & Conditions for your agreement, along with some useful pre-treatment information to help you to prepare for your Reiki session. 

We ask that you complete an intake form prior to your first Reiki session in preperation for the inital consultation.

If you have questions about your Reiki session or have any specific ailments, injuries or medical conditions that requires accomodating then please make your practitioner aware prior to your Reiki session.  Sessions are by appointment only and we ask that you show consideration to our other clients by attending the appointment on time. 

You must be over the age of 18 to book and/or receive a Reiki session with us.


For Inidividual Reiki or Hypno-Reiki sessions a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required to be given from the start of your session appointment time if:

  • a change is to be made to the appointment time or date.
  • The session is cancelled.

Please note that all sessions are by appointment only.

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Important Note - The services offered are classed as complementary therapy. Our therapist is not a licensed physician, psychologist, or medical practitioner of any kind and the services offered are not a substitute for a psychiatrist, psychologist, doctor or medical professional or medical treatment of any kind. You will never be asked to reduce change or stop your existing medical prescription.  We will never offer specific advice on, diagnosis or treatment for conditions for which medical supervision should be sought, unless that advice, diagnosis or treatment is under the supervision of a suitably qualified medical professional. We cannot and do not guarantee results as much depends on the clients own involvement, motivation and willingness to achieve the desired outcome and to complete set tasks.