Your reiki session

what to expect when you book a reiki session

Once you have booked your Reiki session you will receive an email confirmation of your appointment followed by a client consent form which includes the services description and confirmed price of your session. 

The price charged for your Reiki session includes the following:

  • Client consent form & Intake form (First Reiki session only)
  • Pre-session preperation & guidance
  • Initial Consultation (First session only)
  • Your Reiki session (usually either 60-minutes or 90-minutes)
  • Post-session guidance 
  • Post-session check-In

Please see below for more information.


 If it is your very first Reiki session with us then you will be asked to complete an intake form and treatment consent form.  On the Intake form we shall ask what you would like to achieve from the session and request details of any existing medical conditions.

The purpose of the intake is to ensure that we have all the relevant information we need to be able to provide a safe Reiki session as well as identifying whether we are able to accomodate any special requirements. We will retain the Intake form for your future sessions with us, so there will be no need to complete it again.   We ask however, that you update us if there are any changes to the information provided.

To help you to get the most from your Reiki session we will provide you with pre-session guidance notes. 

Initial Consultation (First reiki session only)

An initial consultation is compulsory for all our new Reiki clients.  This usually takes up to 15-minutes and during the consultation your Practitioner will review the Intake form and discuss with you any special requirements and will answer any questions you may have about your treatment.  The Practitioner will also outline what to expect from your Reiki session and will explain the hand placements which will either start at the head or the feet.  Your Reiki Practitioner will also confirm whether it will be a 'hands on' or 'hands off' session.  Making sure that you are completely comfortable before beginning the session.


During the Reiki session you remain fully clothed and will usually be in a relaxed position laying down on a treatment bed. 

Your practitioner will guide you to relax and to focus on deep breathing, freeing your mind from any expectations. This deep breathing will help you further relax and to welcome in the healing Reiki energy. 

Your Practitioner will then start the treatment and may either use a light gentle touch or their hands may be a few inches above your body at specific placements (You will already have discussed with your Practitioner whether the treatment will be hands on or hands off).  With hands on the Practitioner will avoid any sensitive parts of the body.


Calm down with Reiki

Usually, for the first half of the treatment you will lay on your back and on the second half you will be asked to turn over and to lay on your front (if however, you have any difficulties laying on either your back or front then please be sure to make your Practitioner aware so that they can accomodate your needs. 

Often clients feel so completely relaxed that they fall asleep during their treatment.  Reiki energy will go where it needs to whether you are awake or asleep.  If this happens during your session then your Practitioner will gently awaken you when the session is complete.

Optional reiki add on's

Reiki charged crystals

These natural wonders have been used for centuries to promote self-healing, balance, and harmony in the body. By harnessing the unique properties of different crystals, we can help you tap into their energy and unlock their full potential.

You can choose to include Reiki charged crystals in your Reiki session where beautiful high vibrational crystals are placed on or around your body whilst you lay on the therapy couch. 

Some clients like to also have a crystal placed in each palm during the session and to wear an eye pillow containing small amethyst crystals (Provided upon request).

Crystals will also be used to help cleanse down and clear the aura before giving Reiki.

The therapist will also use a crystal quartz pendulum above the chakras with an intention to identify energy blocks and again at the end of your session to check that the energy flows freely.

Sound Therapy

Reiki with Sound therapy is a powerful combination that aim to achieve a deeper level of experience. This unique practice integrates the amazing benefits of Reiki with the calming effects of sound therapy to help you to deeply relax and to restore balance of mind, body, and spirit.

During the Reiki session the therapist will play a selection of specific instruments at set intervals, including Singing Bowels, Wah Wah tube, Chimes, Tingshas and Tuning Forks which have been professionally pitched at specific healing frequencies. 

The soothing vibrations of sound therapy can help calm the mind and release tension, while Reiki works to balance your energy and promote overall wellbeing. Together, these modalities create a powerful synergy that may help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Distance Reiki sessions

Distance Reiki sessions are also available upon request. During Distance Reiki loving energy is intentionally sent by the practitioner and received by the client through time and space.  For Distance Reiki an initial 15-minute Intake and consultation will take place over the phone or on Zoom prior to the session. After your consultaiton you will be asked to lay down somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed.  Please contact us for more information about Distance Reiki and prices.

Chakra Balancing

what will I experience during reiki?


Everyone's experience of Reiki is completely unique. During the relaxing session most, clients feel a sense of ease and inner peace.  The mind may become calm, and the physical body relaxed.

Some clients comment on seeing colours or feeling a comforting warmth or tingling sensation in certain parts of their body.   Others have described the feeling as a floating sensation.

But then some clients may not feel much at all during the actual treatment but then may notice a difference over time, as if something has shifted. You may not feel any of these things, but the Reiki energy will still be working for you for your highest good.

We recommend that it is best to arrive at your Reiki session with no expectations and to have an open mind.   Relax and allow the flow of Reiki energy to simply go where it needs to go for your highest good.  Quieten your mind and enjoy the experience of taking this time for yourself.

POST REIKI session

Your Practitioner will ask you about your experience and will take notes for future reference. 

It is recommended that you do not drink any alchohol after your session and if possible to reduce your sugar intake to help support your body.

The first few days after a Reiki session are key, as your immune system is being strengthened and your body is finding balance.  You may feel a little emotional or tired during this time. So, be kind to yourself. 


Energy healing can make you  thirsty, so we strongly recommend that you drink plenty of water both directly after your Reiki treatment as well as over the next few days.

This will help you to cleanse and flush out any toxins and to replenish the body.

Your Practitioner will offer you some post treatment care guidance and check-in with you.

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