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What is a Wedding Day Hypnotherapy Package?

We understand how stressful a wedding can feel, whether you are in the initial stages of planning your wedding or everything is planned and ready to go and the nerves are starting to settle in.  If you are feeling the pressure and your fears are being triggered then we may be able to help.

Our Wedding Day Packages are tailored specifically towards helping couples work through their anxieties and overcome their fears which may be triggered by or during your wedding day. So that you may be free to enjoy your special day. 

The package can be for you, your partner and members of your Bridal Party (up to 4 persons per package).  You choose who you wish to include from your bridal party or if you want the package just for you!

For you

A Bride with Anxiety and stress

Being the centre of attention and having all eyes on you at a wedding can feel rather daunting. It can trigger deeper fears of being judged, or not being enough.   It may also trigger anxieties over your body image and put pressure on you to change your appearance.  It can also trigger perfectionism with the added pressure of planning the 'perfect' wedding!

For your Partner

A groom with performance anxiety

It's possible that your new partner shares your anxieties and worries about the wedding day, especially being the centre of attention and when it comes to giving speeches or the first dance. However, it's important to overcome these fears and pressures so that you can both actually enjoy the celebration.

for your bridal party

Bridal family with fears triggered by wedding day pressures

The Bridal party may consist of Mother, Father, Best man, Bridesmaids etc. Each of which may also have anxieties triggered by the wedding.   A parent may have anxiety over losing their beloved daughter or son, the Father and best man may have added pressures about giving speeches. Whatever the triggered fear, we may be able to help. With an aim to help support the wedding going smoothly.

do you want to FULLY enjoy your wedding day?

Your wedding day is meant to be a time for enjoyment and celebration. We want nothing more than for you to enjoy the amazing experience of your lifetime union without anything holding you back. We offer a selection of Wedding Day Packages designed to work with you alongside your very own willpower and motivation for change. Check out our Wedding Day Package Options.

choose from one of the following wedding day PACKAGES

We offer a choice of RTT (TM)/hypnotherapy packages designed to make you feel relaxed, calm and confident, on and before your special day.  Prices start from as little as £769 for up to 60-day's. We also have packages for up to 90-days and 145-days Wedding Day Hypnotherapy Packages, with the option to add additional sessions as required. You'll get professional support from your therapist throughout your programme. Each of our Wedding Day Packages are tailored to your individual needs.  Available for up to 4 people from your bridal party (including you).  

Weddig rings for commitment


This is our most deluxe Wedding Day Hypnotherapy Package, the ultimate package!  Up to 145-days in duration, with 5 x Sessions, 5 x Audio Recordings plus additional face to face support and extra added bonuses including 3 x relaxing Reiki sessions included as standard.

Wedding rings causing anxiety


This is a 90-day Wedding Day Hypnotherapy Package with 4 x Sessions, 5 x Audio Recordings including a pre-session relaxation Audio recording, plus additional face to face support and added bonuses.  With the option to purchase and add Reiki sessions at a reduced price.

Wedding rings exchanged in love


This is a 60-day Wedding Day Hypnotherapy Package with additional face to face support and added bonuses. 2 x Sessions, 3 x Audio Recordings including a pre session Relaxation Audio recording, plus additional support and added bonuses.

It is possible to select more than one package where sessions are required for multiple members of the bridal party.  For example if the bridal party consists of you, your future spouse, and the best man then you may choose to opt for the Platinum Package for yourself, the Gold Package for your future spouse and the basic Bronze Package for the best man.

Here are just some EXAMPLES Of issues we may be able to help with:

wedding days can trigger a number of potential fears and anxieties

overcome body image fears

body image Fears

Overcome fear of being centre of attention

Fear of being stared at - being the centre of attention

overcome fear of public speaking

fear of public speaking - the wedding speech

Overcome wedding day nerves

wedding day nerves

How to handle family pressures

family pressures

help with first dance nerves

first dance nerves

How to handle wedding planning stress and overwhelm

Wedding planning overwhelm & Stress

Overcome perfectionism


overcome fear of falling

Fear of falling/tripping (basophobia)

overcome the fear of flying

fear of flying (wedding abroad/ honeymoon)

Overecome fear of judgement

performance anxiety

How to stop nail biting

Nail biting

Examples of pre-wedding day motivational hypnotherapy

Example image

Weight management

Example image

put a stop to nail biting

Example image

smoking ceasation

Example image

put a stop to hair pulling

Example image

healthier lifestyle

Example image

new fitness regime

You can select one of the presenting issue/s above if you wish to focus on during your programme or a different issue.  Please note that we only focus on one presenting issue per session.  It is however, possible add additional sessions to your programme up to the number included within your chosen Wedding Day Package.  If you exceed the number of sessions included then you may have the option to add another session to your package at an additional cost.  Please note that at the end of each session you will be provided with an audio recording to listen to for a minimum of 21-days.  So timeframes need to be taken into consideration before extending your package.

Get in touch and schedule a discovery call so our therapist can talk you through the best option/s for you.

let us help you to make it a wedding to remember!

Have a fabulous wedding day with family and friends

Because you deserve to enjoy your wedding day with a Calm & Confident Mind!

Introducing our therapist

Meet our therapist - Rapid Transformational Therapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,  Advanced Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Master. 

‘'Passionate about bringing calm into people's lives & helping to install empowering self-confidence.’

Carrie is experienced in the field having worked predominantly with women.  Helping them overcome low self-esteem and to reconnect with their inner authentic self.

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South East London

Carrie has received the followin hypnotherapy creditations:

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