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  1. What are the benefits of reiki

    From Denial to Acceptance: Utilising Reiki in Navigating Grief's Stages

    Holistic Reiki can be used to help navigate the stages of grief. From denial, to anger, to acceptance, Reiki's gentle energy and spiritual connection may be beneficial in helping to find peace and healing. With an aim to reduce stress and anxiety, Reiki may offer comfort at a deeper level whilst supporting us as we move through the difficult stages of grief.

    Introduction: Connecting with Grief through Reiki

    Loss can result in extremely emotional and physically painful grief.  Grief is a natural response to loss, and it can be challenging to navigate through each of its stages. Reiki, is a powerful healing technique that involves connection and the transfer of energy through the hands.  This method can help individuals connect with their grief and support the move towards acceptance.

    Grief is a process, there are 5 main stages of grief (after the initial shock):

    1. Denial
    2. Guilt
    3. Anger and Bargaining
    4. Depression 
    5. Acceptance


    Grief can be difficult to face alone. Reiki, may help offer support to individuals so that they may begin to acknowledge their emotions and start to take the first step towards acceptance. Reiki may also help individuals release resentment and to find balance during the bargaining stage of grief. During the depression stage, as well as provide support and deep spiritual comfort, allowing individuals to let go and move forward. Finally, Reiki may help individuals find inner strength and new meaning in their lives through acceptance. By reconnecting with life through Reiki, individuals can find peace and inner healing during their grief journey.