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  1. Pre Reiki Session Tips

    So, you have booked yourself in for a relaxing Reiki session. That's fabulous! But now what?

    Well, whether it's your first Reiki session or a session you have on a regular basis it is always good to prepare beforehand.

    As a professional Reiki Practitioner I have put together some useful tips which I recommend to help you to prepare for and to get the best from your Reiki session:

    Drink plenty of water - I would say that this is the most important thing to do both before as well as after a Reiki session. Energy treatments can make you feel very thirsty. Water will help to cleanse and flush through the body any toxins. Also, it is worth noting that water has long been known to be a good conductor of electricity/energy, so it makes sense to replenish with water.

    Eat light and healthy food - Avoid eating a heavy meal prior to your session as you don’t want all your body’s energy to be directed toward digesting whilst having your session. I also recommend if you eat something light then opt for something healthy (avoid sugary foods).

    Avoid alcohol – I believe that it is important not to drink any alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to your Reiki session as alcohol retains toxins which may cause adverse effects including tiredness, dehydration and potentially trigger negative emotions.

    Bathe & cleanse - Cleanliness is important when working with energy. I recommend ideally having a nice relaxing bath or shower prior to (or the morning before) your Reiki session to help you to relax as well as to cleanse your body. You may wish to add natural sea salt, Epsom salt or Himalayan salt to your bath as this will also help to cleanse your auric field.

    Wear comfortable clothing - Ideally, for your Reiki session wear loose layers so you can be comfortable whilst receiving Reiki. You will usually be asked to remove your shoes if having a full body Reiki session. I always recommend that my clients bring warm socks with them to keep your feet nice and warm whilst laying on the therapy couch.

    Relax and focus on your breathing during your Reiki session. Have an open mind, and allow in some loving healing energy, releasing any and all expectations, and just enjoy the beautiful experience.

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    Carrie -x-