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    A few years back, a close relative of mine become very ill who needed, 24/7 care and I have to say it was a very difficult period for me and my family. We loved this person so much, we felt responsible for them, and only wanted the very best for them and had to accept the awful truth that we were not able to give them the care that they really needed. I certainly felt so out of depth, and it had become increasingly challenging, it was time to reach out for help and support from others qualified and experienced to help with that care.

    I felt so very grateful for that support that we received from the Carers that were there for my loved one. Grateful for their kindness, patience and understanding, especially when times got rough.  As well as their compassion and sensitivity when my loved one sadly passed away. It was indeed a very emotional time.

    Having witnessed first-hand how mentally and physically draining being a Carer can be (not to mention emotional).  There is no doubt about it, whether you are a full-time Carer or a part-time Carer it is a challenging and demanding role which involving tasks that very few people would envy. In my mind it takes a special type of person to choose to be a Carer by profession and I have total respect for you!

    As my way of saying thank you, to Carers for their services to the community, I am offering full Reiki Sessions at low concessional rates at our therapy room in South Croydon.

    If you are a carer or know someone that is a Carer that may be interested in a Reiki session, then please click the link below to find out more about concessional rates.  

    Reiki for Carers

    To all those lovely Carers, THANK YOU!  You are very special people.

    Best wishes

    Carrie  -x-